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For those who wish to know more about my work here's some covers and short synopsis of my editions in Europe and Brazil


Para quem não conhece as capas dos livros que são editados noutros países, deixo-vos com as imagens e uma pequena sinopse em inglês. Espero que gostem. :)




capa alam de pajar espanha.jpg

This is my third novel and one of the most intimate one. It tells the nostalgic and tender story of three young women trying to get by under the tought circumstances of their lives. It's published in Spain, Holland and Brazil.

capa gentee como nosostros espanha.jpg

Gente como nosotros is one of my thoughful novels. It´s about success, loneliness and fear of two very different sisters who can not accept each other diferences. One is a successful actress and the other is a frustrated house keeper. It´s a plot of fear and solitude. 

capa mi queris ines espanha.jpg

Mi Querida Ines is my only historic novel. It tells the story of a noble and beautiful spanish lady, Inês de Castro  who was caught in a political trap by falling in love with the portuguese prince, D. Pedro. The bad infleunce of her brothers among the future king were puting the kingdom in danger, reason why she was sentenced to death. Inês de Castro is the most romantic myth in portuguese history. 

capa nada es casual.jpg 

This was my second bestseller. Published in the year 2000, it´s an urban romance about life, love and relationships. 



capa alma de passaro brasil.jpg

capa Dia em que te esqueci brasil.jpg

The Day I Forgot You is my most romanctinc and compelling book. A very passionate woman writes a love letter to his love who lives abroad. This book touched my readers through its sincere and nostalgic prose. 

capa NHC Brasil.jpg

capa diario Brasil.jpg

capa sei la brasil.jpg

Sei Lá, J'en Sai Rien (France) or Chi lo Sa (Italy) was my fourth bestseller and it tells the story of five girlfriends with very different lives, all searching for love and happiness. Funny, witty and unexpected it soon became a huge bestseller. This title was adapted by me to the cinema. The movie opened in April to very a successful box office. 




Capa alemanha 2013.jpg 



capa sei la holanda.jpg

Capa holanda NHC.jpg 



capa chi lo sa.jpg 


capa franca les filles d'estoril.jpg

Les Filles d'Estoril, is a story about three generations of an old portuguese family, and reflects the evolution of this society over the last 60 years. Secrets, plots and feuds show how a family can be the best and the worst thing in the world.



















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